Gordon Lipscomb - Founder and Executive Chairman

Areas of Focus:   

Risk identification, analysis and mitigation

Protective Intelligence

Strategic counsel on global security solutions

Government Service:

Security Specialist (SME), Federal Bureau of Investigation (2009 - Present)

Principal Consultant, Keane Federal Systems  (2009 - 2010)

Special Agent in Charge, United States Capitol Police / Dignitary Protection Division (2002-2009)

Global Security Director, Non-Profit Organization (1992 -2002)


Gordon Lipscomb is the President and Principal Security Consultant at 3C Solutions Inc. 


As 3C Solutions Inc.’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lipscomb has built a recognized strategic security consulting and security risk management program development firm. 

Under Mr. Lipscomb's direction, the expanding 3C Solution’s team is systematically setting new best practices in security and risk management across the security spectrum.  

3C Solution’s Inc. security risk management practice provides clients with comprehensive coverage for a myriad of security risks through the resources and services of our security consulting, operational security services, and resilience consulting teams.

With over two decades of security and law enforcement experience, Mr. Lipscomb specializes in security consulting, cyber security management and investigations for 3C Solution’s individual and corporate clientele. 

As a United States Capitol Police Special Agent and Senior Protection Detail Leader, Mr. Lipscomb planned, designed and implemented successful security strategies for the U.S. Congress, world leaders, and events of national significance and the protection of the nation’s most critically sensitive assets.  

Mr. Lipscomb brings to his clients a deep knowledge of the development, implementation and conduct of investigations, compliance programs, threat management, travel security and executive protection.

Mr. Lipscomb has association with  the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, is a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the Gavin De Becker and Associates Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy. 

Mr. Lipscomb has received numerous awards and recognition for superior performance, dedicated service and innovative concepts, including the FBI’s Global Knowledge Award - the agency’s most coveted honor. Mr. Lipscomb received this award twice while assigned to the FBI’s Protective Operations Group. 

In addition Mr. Lipscomb has associations with the Oversees Security Advisory Council, The Global Private Security & Risk Management Network, The Cyber Intelligence Network, Security Director’s Network, Corporate Security Professionals, Insider Threat Management Group and the Protective Service Working Group.

Based on nearly 26 years of experience working at the highest levels of federal, state and local law enforcement, Mr. Lipscomb has an exceptionally strategic perspective on security operations.